NOTICE: Steve Hall


It is with immense sadness that we have to report that Steve passed away suddenly at the weekend 21/22 November 2020. Steve was a regular at the HOEA dinner for many years along with many of his 1958 starters. Our thoughts are with his family, friends and his year group at this sad time. Cherish the good times and the happy memories you will have shared with Steve over the years – please do share such memories.

Funeral arrangements to be announced.


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Message from Kevin Smith, HOEA President


Dear Old Elizabethans,

I hope you are all keeping well in these strange times and that you are managing to steer clear of the virus.

Day 30 approaches of lock-down, hopefully decisions will become apparent over the next few days as to how the country can start to ease the measures that are understandably in place.

On a personal front this may mean that my wife and I will be able to see our daughters and our first grandchild who arrived 7th March 2020. I'm sure my sentiments will have resonance with a great many of you too. No doubt like me you have been getting on with jobs that you've put off, paperwork files, cupboards, wardrobes, sheds etc whilst hopefully been able to get out for some fresh air and exercise in the good weather we've enjoyed recently.

Every council should have in place, support for people who are shielding, unable to get out for daily errands etc, that is certainly the case in Northamptonshire where I am a local volunteer to give support to those who are in need, if you're unsure check out your local council website. Maybe you are also keeping in touch with fellow OEs as I am too.

In the meantime, I hope that we can see this pandemic through, testing, tracing, checking those who may have been infected and thus have some protection and of course a vaccine/medicine are the game changers, they cannot come quickly enough. If you or anyone would welcome a chat, I'd be more than happy to oblige 01536 723030 or mobile 07754093887.

I also wish to update you about former Headmaster, Ray Fooks, 1972-76 with whom I have exchanged letters. Ray suffered a broken hip last year and has since moved to Lady Nuffield Home, Banbury Road, Oxford. He is very happy with his new surroundings and his daughter lives nearby too. I will make arrangements to see him in due course. He asked to be remembered to OEs for whom he has the highest regard.

Also, if anyone has contact details for John Jennings (1960 starter) please advise. The address I have on file is Comberton, Kidderminster but I'm not sure if that is current, however I have a cheque refund for his ticket to forward.

Stay safe and keep well,

Very best wishes
HOEA President


‘May the Old School flourish!’


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NOTICE: Dave Allen

From Kevin Smith, HOEA President


It is with immense sadness that I have to advise you that Dave Allen passed away on Tuesday 13 August after a short illness.

Dave was quite simply one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, a great supporter of the HOEA and a brilliant president from 2015-2019.

Dave started at QEGSH in 1958 and was part of an ever present large group attending the annual dinner and our thoughts are with his form group.

Our collective thoughts will be with Dave's wife Isabelle, their son Mark and daughter Kate, as they come to terms with their loss of husband, father and grandfather.

RIP Dave


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Lionel Lench


It is with deep regret that we notify of the death of Lionel Lench, who passed away on
2 August 2019.


The funeral will be held on Friday 30 August 2pm at St John's Church, Kidderminster; burial afterwards at 2.45pm Kidderminster Cemetery.

Edwin Harris are the funeral directors.


Some tributes


From Peter Thornton (1968-75):

Lionel was always a practical, no nonsense sort of bloke – I was good at art and so found him inspirational but he also helped me a great deal.
I learnt through my membership of the “3 Arts Guild“ in Stourport that there was a local, talented, scenic designer and painter. I was interested in theatre and volunteered to help - that designer turned out to be Lionel, of course, and so I had the pleasure of working with him in that context. After the initial embarrassment of being told to actually call him Lionel and of him calling me Peter - it was great.
He later supported my application to attend the National Youth Theatre when I was 15 and I spent a great summer in London painting and building sets for several productions.
I went on to study drama at Homerton College Cambridge and qualified as a secondary school  Drama Teacher.
What was fascinating was that like many ‘old boys’ I had assumed that our school had been fairly typical – it was only at university, and then on my first teaching practice in a secondary school of 1500 pupils, that I started to realise how different our Hartlebury experience had been. What we lacked in resources was compensated by great teaching staff and I absolutely include Mr Lench in that category.

John Houghton, Physics Master 1967-77:

I am unable to attend will be with you in spirit on August 30th hearing again the laughter and the lively discussions that took place in the staff-room. My days at QEGSH were the happiest in my working life.


A tribute from Alun Jones, a colleague and close friend of Lionel:

"Lionel & I used to go on long country walks. I remember him wittily saying when he became rather weary and footsore, 'I'll be glad when I've had enough of this!'

He liked the quaint names of some of the wild flowers such as ivy leaved tradflax".

Alun Jones is a long time supporter of Brecon Jazz Festival. Indeed Alun often quotes 'it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing'.

In his tribute he fondly mentions Lionel's contribution to Alun's love of his (Alun's) annual jazz pilgrimage to his home town of Sennybridge, nr. Brecon.
Lionel designed an emblem which has been attached to a T - shirt. It depicts the Welsh dragon playing Jazz on the Tenor saxophone. I wore it each year at the Brecon Jazz Festival/ Jazz Aberhonddu. This year, when I wore it so soon after Lionel's death it had particular significance.

ALUN J. JONES  ex-schoolmaster at Hartlebury Grammar School.

And from Chris Newman:

Many thanks for giving us this opportunity to remember a much respected and much loved teacher. Lionel had a tremendous affection for QEGSH.

He would travel by bus from Brook Street with the students from Kidderminster. A wonderful beaming mustached face looking up from his morning tussle with the Telegraph Crossword.
The Lionel macintosh and the Lionel tracksuit that were the weather vane for a game of football or a cross-country run! A pipe and a spinning ball on his forefinger too.
Arriving at school a day late, and busily marking out the Athletics Track(s), he recalls how Smith B. strolled up to him and in a typical 'Bloggs ' way greeted him with, " So, the weather has broken in BOGNOR then. (Lionel holidayed in Bognor often travelling down in Stan Green's (sextus-to the boys) jaguar E-type. ... Lionel loved that journey.
Taking leave from a posting in Germany (Sergeant in the army educational Corp) Lionel came for interview. He was introduced to our famous old boy and lifelong teacher R.E. Mckinlay (Mac) who was master i/c games. Lionel who loved recalling amusing stories and would laughingly recall those when he put his foot in it. So the comment he remembers most about his interview with Mac ..." Hockey? I thought that was a girl's game".

Of course, QEGSH was a famous men's hockey academy for future county players and internationals.
Stories associated with Lionel Lench are numerous and delightful.
Thanks, Lionel, for giving us so many.

Chris Newman ex- schoolmaster Q.E.G.S. Hartlebury  (1964-1968)


Annual Dinner 2019

Dear Old Elizabethan,     
The 90th Annual Dinner was held in the School Hall on Saturday 13th April 2019. 

The Guest Speaker was Roger Smith, at school 1966 to 1973, ex T.A. officier, seeing action in helicopters with a N.A.T.O. air mobile infantry battalion. Roger runs the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme at the school he taught at and 2 years ago trekked to the summit of Kilimanjaro.
The Association is greatly indebted to Craig Moreton, Principal of The Cambian New Elizabethan School, for the use of the school for our Annual Dinner.  

Saturday 13 April 2019 at 6.00pm (prior to the Annual Dinner)


The Biennial General Meeting of the Association was held at the Cambian New Elizabethan School on Saturday 13th. April 2019 at 6.00pm.  
The Agenda was as follows:

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of the previous BGM
  3. Matters Arising from minutes
  4. President’s report
  5. Treasurer’s report
  6. Election of Officers (see note i below)
  7. Election of Committee Members (see note ii) below)
  8. Election of Auditor(s)
  9. Any other business


(i)  Officers for election: We now have the system that the President serves 4 years and then becomes the Vice-President for 2 years. A new Vice-President is then elected, who will take over the Presidency after 2 years.

President – Kevin Smith
Vice-President – Dave Allen  
Hon. Secretary – Rod Payne - willing to stand again Hon. Treasurer – Eddie Wisniewski – willing to stand again

Hon. Auditor –  TBA

(ii) Committee for re-election:
D Drew, D J Gilbert, P May


For minutes of the last meeting click below (PDF)

HOEA Bienniel General Meeting 8 April 2017
Adobe Acrobat document [69.2 KB]


Roll of Honour

Old Boys killed in action

Click below to download a list of Old Elizabethans killed in World War 1

First WW old elizabethans.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [507.4 KB]


Click below to download a list of Old Elizabethans killed in World War 2

2nd WW old elizabethans.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [520.6 KB]



Note: Darryl Cope was killed in HMS Sheffield in the Falkland conflict, 14 May 1982.




A message from Mr David Allen, President, HOEA

Dear Old Boys,
The committee has examined the responses from assembled attendees and the overwhelming opinion was to maintain the status quo with regards to the timing of our dinner.

If you have any ideas, please let me know (email:

Thank you.



Hartlebury Old Elizabethans Association (HOEA) is an organisation formed by the Old Boys of the Queen Elizabeth I Grammar School, Hartlebury, Worcestershire, UK. The Association continues to hold successful annual reunion dinners at the School, usually on a Saturday before Easter. It is managed by a Committee, chaired by a President and comprising elected members including an Honorary Secretary and an Honorary Treasurer. All committee members are volunteers. The Association currently maintains a satisfactory financial position.

The Association supports a number of undergraduates with bursaries, is custodian of a wide variety of School archive material and memorabilia and from time to time publishes relevant material concerning the School and its long and fascinating history.


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