The School Song

On a hill looking out over meadowland and wood,
Hartlebury! Hartlebury!
There standeth a school and for centuries hath stood,
Hartlebury! Hartlebury!
Of the years since her birth tho' uncounted be the tale,
Like her neighbour, the Oak, she is vigorous and hale,
Rooted deep in our hearts she hath weather'd ev'ry gale.
Hartlebury! Hartlebury!

Though ancient she be, there's no flagging nor decay,
Hartlebury! Hartlebury!
As in ages past, still go forth her sons today,
Hartlebury! Hartlebury!
In the world of work their vigour they have shown,
On the river, in the field, they have made their prowess known,
And the old School's honour they have guarded as their known.
Hartlebury! Hartlebury!

Now, comrades all! Louder yet your voices raise,
Hartlebury! Hartlebury!
May the old School flourish! Ever brighter be her days,
Hartlebury! Hartlebury!
May her sons bring her honour and be jealous of her name,
And content to do their duty, be the issue praise or blame.
In the world as in the field may they always play the game.
Hartlebury! Hartlebury!

Said to be composed by former Headmaster Mr E W Hopewell and dedicated to Lucy Baldwin, wife of Stanley Baldwin, Chairman of the School Governors and one-time Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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Provided courtesy Ann Mullard.
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